About Us

Specialty fruit spreads for unique appetizers and entries

We are proud to announce the opening of Turtle Creek at Lake Gaston. Having grown up in Roanoke Rapids moved away and raised a family, I now return to this area with a much greater appreciation for the fiber of friendships and family. I also recognize potential growth and re-invigoration of the community that provided me with Family, Faith and friends.  Joe and I now call Littleton, Halifax and Warren County our home.   I want to serve a much broader purpose here and give back to those that gave so much to me.  Our goal is to work with Co-Ops, local farmers and small business to help build the communities and support local growth.

The Origin of the Name.  “I was blessed to have known a very special woman, Marie Ouellette, that taught me, my children and all that were willing to learn how to make Homemade turtles.”  Homemade caramel was her specialty in this delightful treat.  As all of the Grands, children and even adults soon learned, we guarded our turtles and even counted them to make sure another family member did not eat our “special” turtles. So as I started the process of a new adventure, I knew that would be the name of the business and the legacy.

As a local farmer/business we also grow our own jalapenos and tomatoes to create our tomato and jalapeno fruit spreads.  We provide additional fruit spreads created from local sources.  We provide baskets/specialty boxes for your special occasion.  We customize your baskets/boxes to meet your individual needs and the needs of your clients.  We also incorporate other local vendors that supply coffee, baked goods, and items specific to your needs.  Please visit our website for local distributors.  If you have a special need please call us directly at 336-768-2907.   We look forward to helping build the economy in a  place that we call home.


"homemade from the heart"

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